Our Team

We are proud of our clinic and especially our dedicated and caring team and are committed to continual improvement. If you have feedback, positive or negative, about our staff, service or facilities, we want to know! Please contact our CEO directly at info@compassmedicalgroup.com.au

We currently have male and female doctors available. Please phone 5972 8000 for detailed information and for doctors’ availabilities.

Talented and skilled nurses and receptionists are always in demand and we seek to provide:

  • A challenging and stimulating environment
  • A workplace which encourages trust, honesty and open communication
  • Flexibility
  • Opportunities for training
  • Superior remuneration and conditions

For detailed information about positions please contact our Practice Manager on pm@hastingsfmc.com.au.

If you are a doctor interested in finding out about positions at Hastings Family Medical Centre, please visit www.compassmedicalgroup.com.au.